Chemicals, manufacturing
Internal business marketplace

Trelleborg is a world leader in polymer solutions that protect equipment in demanding environments, e.g. aerospace. They requested a Quality Analysis Tool to streamline product feedback and support their reputation for highly trustworthy technology.

Best-in-class product range
due to QA innovation
18 versions released
Oct 2015 - Present


Data interface
Data interface

QAs review 50+ indicators that can be displayed in 20+ variations. They required a user-friendly interface to search and display relevant data sets.


Users had to be able to comment on each product quality data set they analysed, update goals and issue reports on the performance of product teams.


Business units (e.g. Business Process, Production, Quality) needed a central application to collaborate and boost product development insights.

Electronic data interchange
Electronic data interchange

An EDI protocol had to be developed to extract data from Trelleborg's business process management database which runs on Microsoft Dynamics.

Our Approach to Tackle the Challenge

Data filtering

The QA tool is able to process and filter an enormous amount of data in a detailed and organised manner. A smart panel lets users select specific product quality indicators which can then be segmented via intuitive filters, such as product type, production stage, employee name or production date.

User scenario testing
User scenario testing

We conducted numerous user interviews, which gave us valuable information on how users searched for information in the tool. We also tested several scenarios that Trelleborg wanted their users to experience when working with the application.

Insights: The user feedback helped us align the indicator display with how users scanned information on the app. It also showed us how we could improve the filter section to facilitate better search results.

The result

The Quality Analysis Tool helped Trelleborg to enhance their quality assurance process in three ways: user-friendly data displays, more efficient data search, and a simplified, yet still detailed, reporting mechanism. 

Product developers could now gain deeper insights at a faster pace than before. This process innovation turned a technical challenge into a competitive advantage by growing Trelleborg’s reputation for highly reliable products.

2x faster creation of QA reports

User report interaction tripled

Report creation doubled

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